Five signs you should consider outsourcing your finance and accounting function

More middle-market companies are considering outsourcing some, if not all, components of their finance and accounting organization to take advantage of more streamlined technology platforms, enhanced skill sets and automated business processes, while enhancing controls and providing real-time reporting and analytics.

Computer chip’s travels show state’s connection of global economy

WILMINGTON — Here at Analog Devices, Inc., in a room 100 times cleaner than a hospital operating room, workers build the tiny computer chips that power everything from cell phones and car airbags to jet aviation systems.
The devices are the size of a grain of sand and the width of a human hair, so small that the tiniest speck of dust can corrupt the circuits etched into the silicon. Cleaning crews work 24/7 to keep the facility immaculate as humans in full-body decontamination suits work alongside industrial robots.
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